Sponsor Spouse
Sponsor Children
Sponsor Fiance(e)
Sponsor Parent
Sponsor Sibling
Affidavit of Support
USA Passport
Replacement of Naturalization
Income Requirement
Sponsor Spouse
Sponsor Children
Remove Conditions of Resisdence
Status Adjusment
Re-Entry Permit
Replace Green Card
Divorce no children, no asset
– Ly dị không tranh chấp
Affidavit OF Single Status
(Công Hàm Độc Thân)
Divorce with Children, Asset
Power of Attorney Property in VN
(Giấy ủy quyền nhà ở VN)
Vietnamase Passport
Chance Name & Age
Miscellanous (Notary…)

  Processing Time
Service Fee in USA
Service Fee in Viet Nam
Unmarried (under 21) -2A  

$355 per person 

Unmarried (over 21) - 2B   $355 per person #250 $

Documents required

You need to bring information on both you and your child(ren):
1. Copies of passports (page with nonimmigrant visa needed for children)

2. Copies of birth certificates

3. Copy of your Green Card

4. Copy of your social security number

5. Both of your addresses from the last five years

6. Copy of marriage certificate

7. Copy of divorce certificate (if any) 

8. Two color photos each

9. Copies of birth certificates

10. Addresses of employment in the last five years

11. Your parents' names and their date, city, and country of birth (if known). Also needed is their current city and country of residence.

* Our 2nd filing fee when filing at the same time with 1st file