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Sponsor Children
Sponsor Fiance(e)
Sponsor Parent
Sponsor Sibling
Affidavit of Support
USA Passport
Replacement of Naturalization
Income Requirement
Sponsor Spouse
Sponsor Children
Remove Conditions of Resisdence
Status Adjusment
Re-Entry Permit
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Divorce no children, no asset
– Ly dị không tranh chấp
Affidavit OF Single Status
(Công Hàm Độc Thân)
Divorce with Children, Asset
Power of Attorney Property in VN
(Giấy ủy quyền nhà ở VN)
Vietnamase Passport
Chance Name & Age
Miscellanous (Notary…)

CIVIL - Divorce no children, no asset
Processing Time
Court Fee in USA
Service Fee
Married, no children, no asset

6 months and up

$300 + 50 (filing)

Documents required

You need to bring information :
1.  Marriage certificate.
2. Address of two parties.
3. One party have to have lived within the county .