Sponsor Spouse
Sponsor Children
Sponsor Fiance(e)
Sponsor Parent
Sponsor Sibling
Affidavit of Support
USA Passport
Replacement of Naturalization
Income Requirement
Sponsor Spouse
Sponsor Children
Remove Conditions of Resisdence
Status Adjusment
Re-Entry Permit
Replace Green Card
Divorce no children, no asset
– Ly dị không tranh chấp
Affidavit OF Single Status
(Công Hàm Độc Thân)
Divorce with Children, Asset
Power of Attorney Property in VN
(Giấy ủy quyền nhà ở VN)
Vietnamase Passport
Chance Name & Age
Miscellanous (Notary…)

  Processing Time
Service Fee in USA
Can be filed during the 90 days before you reach 5 years lawful permanent resident (Quốc tịch Mỹ)
Dependent on USCIS


(Includes fingerprint)

Certificate of Citizenship (based on citizen parentage ) up to 18 years old (Quốc tịch Mỹ) No waiting period $460
( no fingerprint needed )
Certificate of Citizenship (based on marriage to US citizen ) (Quốc tịch Mỹ) No waiting period $675
(Includes fingerprint)

Documents required

Document Require for all 3 cases:
1. Green card (front and back)
2. Birth certificate
3. Driver license(s)
4. Social security card(s)
5. 2 photos
6. Divorce decree for self or parents (if apply)
7. Spouse's name(if any)
8. Spouse's social security number(if any)
9. Spouse's D.O.B(if any)
10. Date of Marriage(if any)

Naturalization through parents:
1. Parents marriage certificate
2. Proof of legal custody (if apply)
3. Parents naturalization certificate
4. Parents proof of residence

Naturalization through marriage:
1. Spouse naturalization certificate
2. And/or spouse passport
3 Marriage certificate
4. Income tax with both spouse name for past three years

* Naturalization (examination with your native language) if you are over 55 years old and must be a lawful permanent resident over 15 years.